Friday, May 22, 2015

One Year

The puppy turned one this month ...

Bruno loves to play outside, as long as someone is out there with him. He loves to play tug-of-war with toys and he loves to chase tennis balls when you throw them. He tries to catch them in his mouth, either in the air or on the bounce. If you leave him out for long, he'll do one of two things. First, he climbs into my lounge chair just like Buster used to do. Or, he searches the back yard for big sticks and destroys them. He's even been known to drag a piece or two of firewood and stone to chew on.

He also loves to be wherever I am. We joke that his name should have been "Shadow" because he's always that close to me. He follows wherever I go, in or out of the house. If you close a door, he sits right outside of it with his nose pushed under the crack.

He loves to sleep on the couch. Or on Connor's bed when he can manage it. Sawyer's too, if we leave the door open on accident. He's pretty sure he's not really a dog, but another human. And the baby, so entitled to anything he thinks he wants.

We're still working through our one-on-one puppy training classes with six basic commands - sit, down, place, leave it, come and heel. He does pretty well so far, when he wants to. He's a smart boy, but perhaps just a tad spoiled. We will be taking him to group classes for the rest of the year, to help with socialization and the shy streak that makes him bark and growl at everyone and everything. Sweet boy to us and people he knows, but not so sweet to everyone else.

A few recent pics of the big boy ...