Saturday, January 24, 2015

Let It Snow!

Not everyone loved the snow. Any guesses which ones did?

 Sawyer on the snow-covered trampoline. He was a little unimpressed with the snow or the cold.

 Connor being silly, making a small fort / slide, and then sliding down it for the camera. It wasn't a very good packing snow, so it was hard to build anything.

Connor and Xander engaged in some good-natured (for the most part) snowball fights. A few reminders here and there to avoid aiming for the face, or the back of the head where it runs down inside your clothes, and they did pretty well together. They both LOVED playing in the snow. I had to make them come in, to avoid getting sick from wet clothes and gloves.

And the puppy. He experienced his first snow back in November, and this time was even more fun to watch. He ran in big circles around the back yard, clearly happy to be outside. It's like watching a race horse run, because he's all muscle and he can move. He did not appreciate the two snow boys throwing snowballs at him, though, which is the expression you see here. That's the "I'm going to jump on you" face.

And he did, I just didn't capture it on film.